Thursday, January 16, 2014

January 15

The title of the blog is not changeable, so I am stuck with my typo.  I guess that is the way of things.  Moblie it is.  Hopefully i will be able to correct the rest of my errors before they are permanent.
On to registration.


  1. You can edit the spelling of your title. When you are in the dashboard view, there is a list of links down the left-hand side. Choose "Settings." In the "Basic Settings" there is a place to edit the title of your blog.

    Have fun with the 23 Mobile Things!

  2. Welcome to 23 Mobile Things!

    The SELCO staff and I will be participating, as well as cheering you on. Let us know if we can provide an assistance. I expect we will all learn a lot and have fun too. And, there will be prizes.