Sunday, March 30, 2014

#7 bookmark collection and saving

I have used Pinterest, but have not found it to be a great site. I like the visual nature of it, but like text more. I do know many teachers who use it often for ideas and classroom content. A service that I am exploring is Symbaloo. I have it on my iPad, but it is really designed for iPhone and internet. I am hoping that it will be upgraded for use on multiple mobile devices. What I like is that it creates pages of icons each for a website that I use often. I can see many uses for this in my teaching and at home. Students are used to seeing icons and will find the pages easier to use than lists of favorites. I am planning to upgrade the grade level links on the work website to use Symbaloo. It will be neater and, I believe, easier for the students to use. 


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  2. Symbaloo sounds interesting and I'll check it out. Thanks.