Friday, April 4, 2014

#9 photo creating and editing

Photos are everywhere. We are using them more and more with cameras on our phones. It is nice to have a camera with me all the time, though there are times that it would be great to just take a picture and I forget. My husband always takes a couple shots of everything because it is so easy to discard the bad ones. 
I use the Apple cameras and photo apps that came with my iPhone and iPad. I have found that kids like Photobooth, though I have not found it to be of much use personally. The effects are fun to play with. I experimented with CamMe and can see that the hands free aspect is very useful. It allows the subject to be farther away from the camera and allow everyone to be in the picture. I will try it will some students at school, but I am sure that they will enjoy using it.  A thought is to set up the iPad as a portrait station and ask kids to take their picture with the book that they are reading. 
The app that I have used the most in the library is called Picollage. It offers lots of ways to make photos into posters and add backgrounds and text. It is very intuitive and easy to use. I have made a couple of collages and will add one at the bottom of this post. I think that libraries could make great use of this app since it assists in the creation of posters. 

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  1. And now I will share my deleted comment from Thing 7 where it belongs on Thing 9. Excited to see that you continue moving right along through the Things. Nearly to Thing 10 and another badge.