Saturday, February 8, 2014

browsers and search engines

I am a Google fan, I confess. I know that the company is collecting information about me every time I search.  I just like that the search is more specific to my needs. I have switched to the chrome browser at home and really like the apps that are avaiable. I also use google+ and gmail for many tasks. On the iPad, however, I find that my needs are satisfied by the Safari browser. I will move the google search button to the task bar and see if I am able to try searches using both this week. 
At school we have internet explorer and firefox avaiable. We have some preograms that tech support recommends firefox for. I don't see much difference in my daily use at school, though. More later after I have done some side by side searches. 

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  1. Thing 3 complete. You're moving right along.