Saturday, February 8, 2014

Writing and editing.

Explain Everything is the editing platform that students at my school have been using. It is not an app that I purchased, but was highly recommended by teachers. It costs 2.99.

I use Notes the most of the editing apps that I have on my ipad. I try not to do much typing on the ipad. I have extensive files on my PC and can access them both at school and at home, so it is not vital that I be able to edit.

The other apps that I have tried are:
Smart Office
Dragon Dictation
I have used them all but find that my go-to app is still Notes. I guess that I don't need the extra functionality in daily use. I do store documents that I'd like to access on the iPad in Skydrive. That way, I can view what I need from any device that I happen to be using. Skydrive doesn't allow editing on the iPad, but that hasn't been much of an issue for me.

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  1. If I am counting correctly, you are at Thing 5 and ready for a "badge" on the 23 Mobile Things roster! Hurrah.

    The directions for how to get your badges are listed on the FAQ page of the 23 Mobile Things website --- go to Question and Answer #6.