Monday, May 19, 2014

#12 Books! More Books.

I have a variety of book apps and have been curious to try more. The one that I use most is Overdrive since that is the platrom that my public library uses for ebooks, audiobooks.  I am delighted with the functionality and speed of access. I also have the Kindle and Nook apps, but I don't buy many books. I did have a Nook paper (reader) for a while, but found that I used my ipad more for reading abd lots of other things. I do like the Nook display for reading. It does not have a lighted screen and reads well in all kinds of light including outdoors. 
Of the apps offered for this Thing, I downloaded Free Books. I had used it before and ended up deleteing it from my iPad. It has a great collection of public domain books.  There are enough titles to keep you in books for years. I find the interface easy to use and intuitive. I have been finding the ads on the free site more intrusive lately. It seems that they are pushing their audiobooks which you can access "free" for a $3.99 access fee. Probably a good deal, but I am picky about audio books. I have to like the reader's voice if I am going to listen to them read for hours. I also don't have a way to pay for apps that are not free without urchasing them myself.  My iPad belong to my employer. 
I have discovered a collection of original Dr. Who stories that I am excited to try. They were written fairly recently so I was surprised to see them. Fun. I read science fiction and was happy to see some works by other contemporary authors included. 
I will keep this app on my iPad over the summer and see how much I read. 

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  1. WHAT? There's Doctor Who on there? I must try.

    I can totally understand the bit about the reader. Twice now I have just stopped listening to audiobooks because I couldn't handle the narrator's voice any longer.

    Congratulations on getting past the halfway point in 23 Things!