Monday, May 19, 2014

#13 presenting Haiku deck

I have tried Haiku deck and enjoyed using it as a tool for easy presentations. I enjoyed the ease of use in both images and text insertion, but didn't always find the images I needed. The app pull from a library of public domain images so some topics are thin. You can add your own pictures, but that can take time to find and upload them. I do that for PP, so it isn't a big issue. 
I do like the feature that only allows limited text on a page. Too much text is one of my biggest issues with most presentations. Using this app would prevent that entirely! It would also help kids be more consise in their work choice and force them to have notes to speak from instead of reading their slides. 
Great presentation practice. 

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  1. I have to agree with you on the text limitation. I've gone to presentations with entire paragraphs on the screen and just promptly ignore them. If I'm going to learn anything, I need to take personal notes rather than just read blocks of text. Unfortunate thing about the images though. When I played with this one, it was just a very broad search and I didn't think to further specify and find such limitations.