Monday, May 19, 2014

#14 video creation

I know that I need to get into video creation, but I really do not like to make video with my iPad. I am always worried about droping it. I would worry more if my students were making them. I do think that students will be making more videos and will need intuitive apps to assist with the editing process. 
The app that I have used most is iMovie. It is a $4 app, but was worth the money.  It offers a variety of intuitive tools to help edit and format your movie. It also has uplaod connections to help get your movie to the patrons you want to see it. 
It is also possible to use the iPad camera to record and upload video to YouTube or other social media. Small clips can be emailed, too. I have done a couple movies that wya as well. If you mess up, you have to retake, just like with a real movie. 
I will attempt some more movies over the summer and think more about how these could be used in some of the projects that I teach. 


  1. Very nice! It sounds like you're already making your way into video creation, something I have never mastered.

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