Sunday, June 8, 2014

#15 infographics

I tried i visual and both in the thing. I was hoping for a great way to present some of the data that I collect during each year. I was disapointed. There are some nice image creators in i visual, but there is very limited space for text. I tried a couple different things and was disapointed in each. The graphs in Excell are better than this. is nice if you want to find and share premade and pubished info graphics. THere are some good ones, but the collection is small, I thought. There was no way to create your own either. The biggest flaw was that the source links were not live. I wanted more info on one interesting graphic but I could barely read the link. That lack of reference makes me nervous.  I want to be able to check sources!
I will have a look at the other apps later this summer. A good info graphic app would be a big help in my library. 

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  1. I have to agree. I rather like the look of the most of the infographics and can see them having a place in most libraries.

    Also, congratulations on completing your 15th Thing! I have some filler text but as I see you're actually much further along, I'll save it for a later post.