Sunday, June 8, 2014

#16 audio apps

This is an interesting thing to me too. I play in a stirng quartet and we gig for weddings and other events around Rochester. We have been looking for a way to record our performances for our own listning and learning as well as to put some clips on our website. I have explored a couple of iPhone apps including Nana music, Musicians kit, Voice memos and Garage band. Most of them have been easy to use, but difficult to share with or send clips to others. I am going to give ipadio a try. It sounds like it will be easier to upload the clips to Google and other social networking platforms. I have a Google site for the quartet and hope that works.   I like the idea that I can record more than a couple minutes at a time. I will give this one a try on my own and if it sounds good, I will work on it with my quartet. 
Having tried ipadio, i am not sure that it is going to work for my purposes. It makes a nice recording and can upload it to the ipadio webpage for pubcation. I can follow someone whose "phlogs" I like, but I didn't see any way other that a link to connect my recording to another page. THat is really what I am looking for. 
I would want that for my school use, too. For students, though, having access to the recording just on the device would be fine. Recording is an easy one click and deleting to start over is just two clicks. 
THere are possibilites here!

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  1. I'm glad you can see a purpose in this even if it won't work as well for your quartet! Sound recording can be a tricky thing with the best of resources let alone just those on a tablet.