Monday, June 9, 2014

#20 games!

Games are are great way to release tension or frustration. They can also be a nice way to take a short break from work that needs doing. I find that I can come back to a task and be more focused on it after a short game break. For this reason, I like games that offer short sessions or levels that I can work on and then leave. 
My favorite when I was in graduate school was Farmville. I would plant or harvest in between reading or writing or posting in my classes.  When Bejeweled came out I played that and tried all the variations, too. I still play Bejeweled Blitz once in a while on my phone. I love the one minute games that allow me to play as much as I like but give me a stopping place, too. 
My current favorites are Candy Crush and Farm Heroes.  They have the short levels that I like and challenging puzzles that keep me interested. 
I also have a free Sodoku game that I make myself play every week. I don't enjoy number puzzles very much, but I read that doing them is good for your brain. I can do it and if I pay attention, I can get a fairly good score. 

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  1. Oh, Candy Crush... I eventually had to give that one up. Frustration at being stuck at the same level for 6 weeks finally got to me. At least I was the second highest of all my friends when I left. And it definitely help sto take that mini-break once in a while.