Monday, June 9, 2014

#21 What did I miss?

It is my turn to suggest an app?  I think that I have made lots of suggestions as we have gone along.  If I had to suggest an app that I use everyday, I would say Netflix.  I have loved being able to watch some of my favorite movies and shows without comercials. I am willing to wait for their release to DVD, too. I have recently tried Amazon Prime and like that as well. There is some corssover, but on a couple of shows Prime has newer seasons avaiable to stream. The apps are free but the content requires a subscription.  I think that I get my $8-10 a month out of each of them.  If my husband didn't want to watch live sports, I think that we would discontinue our cable subscription alltogether. 
The other apps that I use daily are Facebook and a couple games. I connect with friends and relatives regularly on Facebook, so that is a must!

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  1. I'm with you on the Netflix. Also great when you're cleaning the house. Just take the iPad with you and you can at least listen to whatever's on there and it's just like a portable TV.