Monday, June 9, 2014

#23 Evaluation!

It has been a great time doing 23 things this spring. I thought that I would do a thing a week, but it has been hit a miss. Here are some thoughts about the process. 
I have felt rather on my own with the blogging about each thing. It would have been nice to have a wiki where we could more easily share and read each others posts. I did go and look at a couple peoples blogs, but didn't get back to that regularly. I think that I could have learned even more if I were better connected to others in the program.
I liked being tossed several options for each thing. It is good to get out of your comfort zone and try new things, right?  So I did and learned that I like some of them. The one that I was glad to discover was Google docs for iPad. I have been looking for word processing app and that one finally does the trick!  
Another thought, is there are way to offer this program to teachers? Or could I copy/adapt it and use it in my school?  All of the teachers in one of my schools will have iPads next year and a program like this would be great. 
My thanks go out to all of the organizers of the program. It was a great learning experience!

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  1. Anne Marie, you may certainly offer this program to your teachers. This whole little bit with getting a reward or whatever is the only temporal part. From what I understand, the 23 Mobile Things website is going to be staying live for a while so you can totally steal the Things you want to do although they might eventually go out-of-date.

    Also, congratulations on completing all 23 Mobile Things! If you haven't already done so, email to notify them of your completion! Also include your name, your blog name, and that you're from the SELS region. If you'd like a badge to display on your blog, just ask at that time as well.